Distinctive Business Cards Made with Kraft Recycled Paper

2People who choose to have their business cards professionally printed, often get better reviews from the customers who receive them. A professionally designed business card helps people remember the type of business associated with the person who gave them the card. For those individuals looking for professionally designed cards, there is a professional business card printing service available online. People around the world can have the kind of distinctive business cards they want. For French speaking individuals, the best cards might be referred to as cartes de visite Kraft, which means the cards are printed on Kraft paper.

Cards Printed on Natural Paper

The Kraft business cards are printed on recycled paper, which makes them the ideal cards for environmentally conscious businesses. Even businesses that deal with food products like the visual appeal the Kraft cards have. The paper itself is available in earth friendly colors of brown and green, as well as some enriched shades like navy, burnt orange or burgundy. This recycled paper is a bit heavier in weight than traditional cardstock, but a professional printing service such as Jukeboxprint, can create a double sided card using both Kraft and white cardstock. The white side will also be made from one hundred percent recycled paper.

Making an Impression

People might not think the recycled paper used for Kraft business cards is distinctive enough to make a lasting impression, but it is. The paper itself has an interesting blended appearance which is easily enhanced with the addition of colorful graphics and fonts. There is no limit to what type of images or what style of fonts could be printed on the front of a card made with Kraft paper. French speaking individuals could order their cartes de visite Kraft to showcase a natural food store, a flower shop or even a county zoo.

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